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Latest Trends In Nutrition To Lose Weight

When we talk about nutrition we refer not only to the changes that may occur in the products, but also to the currents and beliefs of the consumer. Today, there are some factors that we must take into account, those to which the user pays great attention; For example, there has been a general tendency to acquire products that highlight their natural properties, those that we know as 100%.

On the other hand it is increasingly common for people to read the labels of the products and remove from your cart those that have a large amount of preservatives, dyes or unknown additives. Also people are increasingly inclined to choose those brands that are careful with the environment or socially responsible.

New trends in nutrition are a key factor for the society and the food industry, because they are linked to aspects such as the control of obesity, diabetes and other diseases. In addition, they fall directly on the size of the portion and the amount of nutrients.

The Snacks 

Now we all eat snacks and this has become a trend and a consumer demand that every day is more concerned about their health, which means that the industry develops new healthy products for different times of the day.

The importance of the snacks is that they help us control glucose, of course, only if they are healthy snacks that contain fruit or vegetables or some protein; avoid the abrupt decrease of glucose, preventing hypoglycemia; prevent weight gain, because when you make 3 strong meals a day, the body is unable to consume all the calories it receives, so it is recommended 3 meals and two snacks and finally helps us feel satisfied.

Another contribution of the 21st century to food is superfoods, typical that everyone talks about salmon, red fruits that are antioxidants, chia, maca, quinoa, etc.

You may wonder, what is the quality of these foods to become superfoods? This term is accepted to speak of those who meet high levels of vitamins and minerals.

Here are 3 examples:

Acai: It is currently very fashionable; It is a purple fruit that has become famous for the properties it gives us to lose weight and look younger. This fruit contains high levels of antioxidants that help fight cancer and heart problems. You can usually find it frozen, in powder or in juices.

Chia: This Mexican seed provides a large amount of nutrients such as omega-3, fiber and calcium. So if you’re not a fish fan, start eating chía.

•Matcha Tea : Very rich in antioxidants, prevents aging, reduces inflammation and helps you lose weight, also has a great contribution of energy.


Cranberry Smoothie


Within this category we can find Fibré, the first and only water added with fiber, which can be found in two delicious flavors apple-kiwi and jamaica-cranberry, both without calories. This great functional drink gives us in a bottle of 600ml 25% of the recommended fiber per day, which is equivalent to the fiber of 3 apples.

Another innovative trend is the smoothies because with them there is no excuse for not having breakfast because in a smoothie of this type, which you prepare in 5 minutes, you can have a super meal and the energy you need for the whole day.

There are smoothies or smoothies for different needs, with different contributions of energy, to lose weight, cholesterol or sugar, as well as to become a very complete breakfast.

Changing your lifestyle is not possible from one day to the next, it is a process that can take months, but incorporating superfoods, functional drinks and smoothies into your diet is a very good way to start.

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