Is There Really Such A Thing As Healthy Cakes, If So What Is It?

Healthy Cakes And Food Ideas For A Healthy Lifestyle

You don’t usually hear the words ‘cake’ and ‘health’ said in the same sentence.

fruit cakeFor example, consider pound cake. It’s a pound of butter, a pound of flour, and a pound of sugar, all topped off by six eggs.

A cake might taste wonderful thanks to heavy cream, chocolate, shortening, and butter, but they go straight to your hips and stay there a very long time. However, bakeries around America are part of a growing movement to narrow the divide between tasty baked food and health food.

Just take a look around any contemporary urban bakery. You’ll still find full-fat items, but they’re sitting along cupcakes, pies, and cakes free of gluten, sugar, and even dairy. A lot of these recipes just cut down on any fattening stuff, although a few do incorporate ingredients which might make dessert something healthy on your plate.

Healthy Cake Ingredients

healthy fruit

The secret behind the majority of healthy baked foods and their recipes is replacing high-calorie and / or fattening ingredients with substitutes that are lower in calories and free of fat.

Even when your goal is baking a healthy cake, you do want it to taste and look as much as the traditional recipe as it can.

Just swapping out particular ingredients, such as natural fruit or artificial sweetener for sugar, can happen in most cake recipes to shave off some calories and fat.

Many baking recipes replace oil with applesauce or use egg substitute or egg whites rather than the yolk. However, If you take the egg white route, be certain you add in enough to make up for your missing yolk volume.

Healthy Cake Toppers

A cake by itself carries plenty of calorie punch, given the butter and sugar. So, the addition of frosting with cream cheese or sugar can really ramp up the calories to the extreme. Using low-calorie or low-fat icings is a great move to avoid this.

strawberriesOne better option is just ditching frosting completely, opting for healthier toppings.

Fresh fruit is by nature sweet, and if you pair it with any light whipped topping, it might make a tasty substitute for traditional icing.


Strawberries are terrific choices for vanilla or chocolate cakes. Crushed pineapple is great for a lighter angel food cake. One delicious combination is apples baked with something like cinnamon.

Walnuts are great and healthy toppers when paired with a whipped cream low in fat.

The list goes on…

Try Different Healthy Variations

Most of us do agree that an angel cake that is mildly sweet is about how light you can make it and still be a conventional cake recipe.

healthy nuts

Specifically, carrot cake is another common agreement, given the lack of chocolate but with carrots and walnut. However, in some recipes, a carrot cake might have just as much butter, cream, and sugar as a typical chocolate cake.

With just a bit of ingredient substitution, almost any cake can be reincarnated as a healthier alternative.

In fact, 2009 was the year that the American Cancer Society sponsored a contest for healthy cake baking. Winning cakes made use of ingredients such as blueberries, applesauce, roasted beets, whole-grain flour and dried cherries to come up with classics like chocolate and red velvet.

I hope that’s given you a taste of how you can create healthy cakes and desserts with just changing some keyword ingredients with healthy food.

Enjoy your food and be healthy and happy

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